Motherboard, CPU, and Memory (for system performance and detailed info, click here)

Abit KT7A, YH BIOS, VIA Apollo KT133A Chipset w/ 266MHz FSB
AMD 1.0 GHz Thunderbird, Socket A; 100 x 10
Viking 256Mb SDRAM PC/133 CAS3, 7.5ns


IDE 1 Master - Western Digital Caviar, Model WD400BB 40Gb ATA100 7200rpm
IDE 1 Slave - (empty)
IDE 2 Master - NEC FZ110A Internal IDE 100Mb Zip Drive (cable select)
IDE 2 Slave - HP 91400i CDRW 8x4x32x INT IDE, Model C4460C
FDD - Sony 3.5" 1.44MB Internal FD


AGP - ATI Radeon 64Mb DDR Memory
PCI 1 - (AGP resources)
PCI 2 - Creative SoundBlaster Live (value)
PCI 3 - (empty)
PCI 4 - (empty)
PCI 5 - Efficient Networks SpeedStream 3060 ADSL Modem
PCI 6 - (empty)

Case & Power Supply

InWin S700 Mid-Tower ATX (for pictures of my case mod, click here)
Enermax EG365P-VE 350W PSU ATX Form Factor


Taisol CGK742092 CPU Cooler; Socket A
Thermaltake Blue Orb Chipset Cooler
PSU:  (1) 80mm exhaust; (1) 90mm intake - no data
(2) Panaflo Model FBA12A12L1A; 120mm; 4 pin (case mod for side intake)
(2) Antec case fans; 80mm; 3 pin (lower front intake; upper rear exhaust)

Operating System & Utilities

Windows ME
SiSoft Sandra for benchmarking
MBM5 Motherboard Monitor for cooling performance


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