Links, links, and even more links.  What would any web site be without a section set aside just for links.  After all, hypertext is what makes the world wide web go 'round.  So here is a collection of links that I thought were noteworthy.


Featured Sites

2advanced Studios - want to see what kind of website $130,000 gets you?
Computer Stupidities
- proof that not everyone should own a computer!

My Freelance Work Shindler Drive Baptist Church Men's Ministry of Shindler Drive Baptist Church
First Coast Hot Wheels Collectors The GFWC Junior Woman's Club of Jacksonville

Friends & Family (You have to plug your friends web site.  I think it's a rule!)

Betsy Mike and Betsy's Site
Chris McSpeed
Cliff Gator Motorsports
Dave Actually this is his brother Ed's page (
Don Web Buddy's Web Tools
Jeff The Fossett Family Homepage
Terry Fact & Fiction
Tom Altman Photography

Definite Downloads

Internet Neighborhood - in my opinion, the best FTP program around.
Paint Shop Pro - all graphics on this site created with PSP7.  (I know, I know, it's not Photoshop, but it aint $600 either!)




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