News Paper Clippings

Here is a collection of news paper clippings that my Grandfather had found from a Virginia newspaper called The Daily Press NEW DOMINION. They were taken from a series called Climbing The Family Tree. I originally only had four of the articles, but thanks to John T. Hudgins' web site I was able to gather another six. They provide a history of the Hudgins name and how it made its way to America. Although I can not attest to the accuracy of these articles, they do seem to corroborate with other resources.

I transcribed these clippings so that I may share my information with everyone on the Internet. I left the grammar and spelling as it was in the article so as to not change any of the original meaning or content. These documents are in a .PDF format. So, if you don't already have it, you will also need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.


1973 1974 1975
June 17, 1973 February 17, 1974 March 23, 1975
December 2, 1973 February 24, 1974 April 20, 1975
  March 3, 1974  
  March 10, 1974  
  September 29, 1974  
  November 24, 1974  


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