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Recently, I haven't had the time to do any research.  Since the new baby, genealogy has been placed on the proverbial back burner.  I have received a plethora of information via email from prospective cousins and they have helped tremendously in error correction and additions to the tree.  My next step is to ensure that I have all of my sources recorded with contact information.  Hopefully, later in the year I can make time to continue my research.


Research History

1998 - Start of Project. My grandfather had originally started researching our family tree not too long before he passed away. Being interested in our family origins, I wanted to continue his research. I bought some software and started entering all the information that he had collected. I also gathered as much immediate family information as I could so as to develop a solid foundation for my tree.

My family tree currently has about 700 names with the oldest relative dating back to a James Beverly Hudgins c. 1778. I have information that dates back further, but I wanted to go ahead and post what I have so that others can benefit from my research. A majority of the information that I have collected is from family interviews as well as other piecemeal trees that other family members have started.  Please feel free to critique what I have as information is sometimes recorded in error.



My goal for this year is to continue researching the Hudgins name and it's origins. I know there is information as far back as 1600, but after that things become a bit scarce. I plan to add on other branches as I run across them.

If you have any matches to my tree and would like to share your information, please drop me a line. I would greatly appreciate it! Meanwhile if you find someone in my tree that you would like more information on, do not hesitate to ask. By all means let me know. After all, I always enjoy meeting new cousins.


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