Miscellaneous List of Marriages

This is a list of marriages that my Grandfather had found. I am not yet sure of the source, but it is being researched. If you have any body in you family that is on this list, let me know.




Mary Kidd to Brown Stephens, Book A page 115 10-11-1838

Zacheus Hudgins to Emily C. Sexton, Book B page 198 8-30-1876

Holder Hudgins to Tramilza Caroline Albright 12-20-1835

Esther Hudgins to Lumpkin, William, Book A page 70 1-13-1831

Virginia B. Hudgins to William J. Prichard, Book A page 81 11-14-1832

Ledicia Hudgins to Andrew 3. Horton, Book A page 96 1-11-1835

F. (H) W. Hudgins to S. E. Saye, Book A page 492 10-18-1866

Iverson D. Hudgins to Jane Simpson, Book A page 160 6-10-1849

Zackus Hutchins to Peggy Major, Book A page 29 3-16-1825

Jeptha I to Lucy Harvell, Book B page 72 1-05-1871

Beverly P. Hutchins to Jane Lowery, Book B page 69 1-02-1871

Laodeca J. Hudgins to Mary J. Kizer, Book B page 204 11-30-1876

Harrison A. Hudgins to Mary J. Kizer, Book B page 256 2-21-1878

Sarah Hudgins to Floyd Hawkins, Book C page 23 7-20-1881

Mary A. Hudgins to Daniel W. Lewis, Book C page 59 12-21-1881

James J. Hudgins to Josie A. Tanner, Book C page 153 9-07-1883

B. R. Hudgins to Sanford Carter, Book D page 222 10-06-1895

George S. to Texas B. Martin, Book C page 506 12-29-1889

W. P. Hudgins to Martha A. Martin, Book C page 518 1-05-1890

C. (Z) R. Hudgins to Magnolia Martin, Book D page 173 1-06-1895

Beverly P. Hutchins to Jane Lowery, Book B page 69 1-02-1871

Z. R. Hudgins to Renda Thompson, Book F page 68 6-01-1910

James B. Hudgins to Delah Poole, Book D page 4 3-15-1891

J. W. Hudgins to Julia Lott, Book D page 239 1-12-1896

Mary Jane Hudgins to W. L. Sosebee, Book F page 109 1-29-1911

William Marlow Hudgins to Hester Borders

Walter Francis Hudgins to Ophelia Boggs, Book E page 172 9-11-1906

Isabella Elizabeth (Ibby) Hudgins to J.W. Cleveland, Book E page 320 6-06-1906

Sara Ada Hudgins to Fletcher Massey, Book F page 180 6-02-1912

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