"Lines composed by Francis Bell in the year of 1781, under Sen. Rutherford in the pursuit of Cornwallis at the Raft Swamp."

As I am intending some lines record,
Concerning the battle fought at Guildord,

On the 15th of March in the year 1781
When brave Col. Lee brought the whole action on,

Lord Cornwallis his men did place,
With courage and conduce the British to face,

For when they advanced his courage wasn’t daunted,
But warmly received him right in the face.

Brave Col. Campbell on the left wing was placed,
A number of riflemen very well placed.

But when the British drew nigh his bullets let fly,
Caused a number of the British to die.

Brave Col. Lynch on the right wing was placed,
A number of riflemen also well fixed.

But when they drew nigh he loudly did cry,
O, fight my dear boys for sweet liberty!

Brave Gen. Green, he ordered a retreat,
Officers and soldiers in ranks were complete.

Until he avowed at the place he provided,
To rally and sally its forces again.

Lord Cornwallis, he gained the field
So with a pain in his heart he did feel.

For when he looked round, he presently found,
Great was his loss in obtaining the ground.

Now Lord Cornwallis, the orders he gave,
The dead bodies of theirs to lay in their graves.

For the rebels would see and presently say,
That ten to their one were killed that day.

On the 18 of March, in the year of 1781,
Lord Cornwallis began to run.

For plainly he did see, that i~~ there he did stay,
Brave Gen. Green the balance would slay.

Come all you that are rifleing and plundering do go,
In partial accounts you will have fo~~ to show.

If it does not be here it will be hereafter,
So I would repent unless you get the halter.

As for the plunder he made the reply,
And charges Bell for telling a lie.

As these lines not fit for the press,
Because they had not on the political dress.

But out of cold nature were hammered just so,
So let's see what a rustic could do.


We publish the above at the request of Mr. Curtis Green, of Leon Junction, who is a direct descendant of Francis Bell. The original manuscript, which is now one hundred and thirteen years old, is in the possession of Mrs. Dr. Gray, of Cave Spring, Georgia and is in a good state of preservation.

Published about 1894.

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