Hobby or addiction?

Duke Nukem is what got me hooked in the Internet gaming world. I bet I averaged 30-40 hours a week playing that game. After work, I would play over the phone with a buddy of mine until the wee hours of the morning. My eyes would burn and ache trying to keep them open while trying to get that last point. By the time I finally went to bed, I couldn't get any sleep because my nerves were shot. I would toss and turn while dreaming of the game. It's like an addiction! All I wanted to do was play that stupid game! It wasn't until a friend of mine whipped me 130 to 10 when I finally realized that I was out of the zone. It was at that point when I had enough. I haven't touched the game since, but that didn't stop me from playing other games.

Where to find me.

Since the Duke days, I don't spend near as much time playing games as I used to. I played Quake and Half Life for while, but I quickly lost interest and have changed my interest toward flight simulators. You can catch me on the net playing either F-22 Raptor or Fighter Ace II. I like these games the best. You can keep the role playing games. I think they are cool and all, but I am not any good at playing them. My handle is "J3", and I use it for all of my games so look me up if you play these as well.

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