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Baby Page

Pictures - check out all of the latest baby pictures plus video and audio clips.
Names - find out why we call him Jake.
Showers - A tribute to all of those who showered us with gifts.

About This Site

Site - so why does someone need their own web site?
- a little background info about yours truly.
Computer - for those of you who want the low-down on my rig.

My Hobbies

James' Toys - my Hot Wheels collection (Cars for Sale/Trade)
Snap Shots - pictures of people, places, and things.
Star Trek - sign the petition.
Internet Gaming - where to find me on the net.

Hudgins: A Genealogy

Family Tree - here it is, check it out!
My Research - where I stand on my research.
News Paper Clippings - clippings of Hudgins origins.
Old Letters - miscellaneous letters.
Scrap Book - catch all.
Genealogy Links - genealogy research and Hudgins information links.

My Favorite Links

Featured Sites - sites worth checking out.
Jacksonville, FL - sites dedicated totally to J-Ville.
Friends & Family - everyone I know with a web site.
Definite Downloads - software I use almost daily.
My Sponsors - web authoring resources.
Google - my favorite search engine.


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