What is your name?
How old are you?
Holds up his hand with an array of fingers and then says, "two".
What is your favorite color?
Red. (His answer to any color question is always red.)
What do you want to play with?
Cars. (Hot Wheels, of course.)
Who do you want to see today?
Papa...Memaw. (But sometimes only Mommy will do.)
Who is your best friend?
Gica (Micah) and Leigha.  (always says them together)
What is your dog's name?
What do you want to eat?
"EAT?! Sesus, kokert." (raisins and yogurt)
The boy can eat his weight in raisins.  Also, "sesus" is the same word he uses for Jesus.


The interview quickly ended when Jake decided it was time to wrestle and attempted to put me into some sort of "sleeper" hold.  That is about the best I could do with a two-year old attention span.  Maybe more next time.


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