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California Trip
Four Months
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Jake's First Birthday
Spring '03
A Birthday Party at a Petting Zoo
California Trip / Santa Barbara Zoo
Great-Grandma Keller's Birthday
Summer '03
Great-Grandpa Glenn
Halloween '03
Christmas '03
Jake's 2nd Birthday
Jake's New Room
Easter '04
Miscellaneous Box '03-'04
Birthing Room (1, 2, 3, 4)
Jake & Grandma (1mo.)
The Sneeze (3mo)
Jake & Sierra (7mo)
Jake (1mo)
Jake (3mo) 
Day at the park
First day at the beach
Beach Toes  
Day at the park 2
Christmas '02
Tub Toys
Playing on bed
Jake & Papa
Playing in grass
Bath Time
All serious
Asleep at swing
Halloween '03
Christmas '03 1
Christmas '03 2
Jake & Dad's Mustang
Jake & Dad

Jake & Caroline