These first three pictures were taken as we were getting ready to go to the hospital.  Michelle was so nervous!  Nine months sure does go by fast, but we were excited that the day was finally here.

The first picture shows Michelle getting ready to be taken to surgery.  She is all nerves and is ready for the camera to go away.  We were all anxiously awaiting our new arrival.

7 lb. 16 oz

See if you can find the proud Grandparents in these pictures.

Pre-Surgery Brand New Baby 2002 Model
Mom & Baby Proud Papa Proud Papa
Kathy & Butch Hudgins Very Proud Grandparents Grandpa Hudgins
Grandpa Hudgins Hasn't held a baby in years! Uncle Randy
One of many diaper changes. Doesn't like to be cold! Hmmm... Lunch!
Grandpa Hudgins Proud Grandparents Proud Grandparents
Grandma Hudgins An eye opening experience. Going home!

The four days we were in the hospital seemed like forever.  At least it gave me some time to figure out how diapers work...

The beginnings of sleep depravation.

...and when to get some sleep.