Baby's First Month

I can't believe that a month has already passed!  Everything is starting to fall into place.  We are now into a routine and are slowly getting our lives back in order.  He has changed a little since he was born.  He has gained three pounds and has grown an inch.  His eyes are still dark blue and haven't seemed to change colors at all.

Here are some of the pictures from his first month.

Just Loungin' Around the House

This is Jake's favorite pastime as of late, just hanging around checking things out.
"What a tiresome day!  I think I'll have lunch then take a nap."

I think I like the Boppy better. Maybe if I be real still they won't see me.
Ahhh... back on the Boppy.
Aunt Melanie Comes to Visit

Melanie (Michelle's sister) came out to visit for a week during spring break.

Aunt Melanie Aunt Melanie Michelle, Melanie, and Jake Aunt Melanie Mommy and her little boy.
Jake Meets The Glenn Family

Ol' Jake got to spend time with the Glenn family for Easter and got to meet his great-grandparents.
Jake took a liking to his great-grandpa (BH) and fell asleep in his arms.

Great-Grandpa & Grandma Glenn Great-Grandpa Glenn (BH) Michelle, Grandpa Glenn, and Great-Grandpa Glenn Great-Grandparents Glenn Cousins Chad and Jessica
First time Chad has held a baby! Cousin Paula and Cousin Sara (L) Mom & Dad Jake with Great-Grandpa Glenn (BH) Mostly Glenn Girls
The Belly Button Incident

We thought it would be just another bath, but no... this was the day Jake lost his belly button.  Now when I was a kid, my mom told me that my belly button used to be a third eye.  <Thanks Mom!> :/

Could be an outie?! He enjoys having his hair washed.
Ahh, nap time.