Baby's Third Month

Jake is really starting to get his personality now.  He is also starting to get toophies on the bottom, and pretty soon he will be eating corn with the best of us!

Jake noticed his hand for the first time.  He held it up and was looking at it with an intense focus.  He moved his hand ever so slightly closer to his face and he did a double-take as if the hand was coming after him.  It was pretty funny.  I wish I got a picture of it.

Great Grandma Keller

Jake's first airplane ride took us to California where we could visit with his new Great Grandma Keller (Michelle's Grandma).  He also got to meet his Uncle Matt and spend time playing with his new cousins.

I think he faired a lot better than his parents did.  He didn't cry a bit until the last 2 minutes of the flight.  It was evening time and most everyone on the plane was sleeping.  He screamed so loud, it sounded like we were killing him.
(We have since learned not to sweat the small stuff.)
Jake got to spend some quality time with his new Great Grandma Keller (Michelle's Grandma).  Jake is very fortunate to have such a large family that loves him very much.
Back Home To Everyday Life

After we got back, it took Jake about a week to get over the jet lag.  But pretty soon, he was back to his old self.