Baby's Seventh Month

Jake is a pretty happy kid.  He is always smiling with everything he has and is always glad to see you when ever you enter the room.  He is trying his best to crawl.  He has the rocking down pat, but he pops the clutch and stalls out.  Soon we will be trying to keep him out of all the plants.

He also has a fascination with our dog Sierra.  He gets so tickled every time he sees her and will practically sprain his neck trying to watch everywhere she goes.  Sierra is really good with him too.  It's funny to watch them together--Sierra knows just how far to be so she is slightly out of reach.



A Day at the Park

Mom took Jake out to the park by our house and fed the ducks.
Jake had a really fun time.


First Day at the Beach

It was a beautiful day so we thought we could cruise down to Jax beach and check out the waves.  Jake loved to play with the sand.  He would squeeze it between his fingers and then, of course, would try to eat it.  (It's a little known fact that every vitamin and mineral that a growing boy needs is in ordinary dirt!)




Jake got to be a football player for his first Halloween.  We spent most of the day up at the church for our annual fall festival.

We carved a "Jake-o-Lantern".  Can you see the resemblance?

Note the enthusiasm.